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WPEM has achieved a remarkable experience in the construction of systems for the ROD-PIPES-SHEETS plastic production semi finished in PA6-PA66-POM-PET-PEEK etc.
WPEM has developed KNOW HOW that guarantees the production through extrusion first-rate plastic semi finished.In order to obtain the maximum reliability and automation the system are equipped of sophisticated control system and regulation of the most important parameters of the extrusion process.The speed of advance of the semi finished is controlled from a rubberized track, that allow a uniform distribution on the extruded product of the necessary forces for corrected functioning. Moreover a rubberized track does not create visible deformation or signs on the external surface of the semi finished. The cut process is executed automatically with automatic circular saw. Therefore the length of the semi finished are easily to programme.The sheet line production is equipped of hydraulic press that permits easily substitution of many types stamp in short time.
The warehouse of the semi finished products happens in special easily transportable metallic hampers .You can also insert the hampers in suitable oven of stabilization in order to obtain maximum automation.